August 21, 2018

About Us

For more than five years we have been delivering high quality, price competitive solutions for clients that have realised the value Fridge Magnets can add to a marketing campaign. Based on the length of time an advertising magnet will stay in use on a fridge coupled with the number of brand exposures everyday as each family member uses the fridge repeatedly, we think it’s safe to say a fridge magnet campaign will ensure massive repeat exposure for your brand and sales message over literally years and years. What other advertising medium can deliver that sort of performance for such a low cost?

Here at AK05 you can be sure your are dealing with a team of experts that have the skills, experience and the systems in place to guarantee the swift delivery of the highest quality product every time. Our in house designers are ready to help adapt your logo or sales concept into a great looking fridge magnet or even help develop your brand in general.

We know your clients are going to love the novelty value of our cool custom shaped advertising magnets or promotional magnet and they are going to love having a useful item that also brightens up the environment it’s placed in.

Call our team today on (NZ) 0800 464 325, we are all standing by to ensure you get great service and a great product at a great price.

(Please note our minimum order is 500 units.)