August 21, 2018

Advertising Magnets

Advertising magnets are all the rage nowadays. After all, fridge magnets are one of the most exposed household items around, so businesses will naturally want to take advantage of the “free ad space” that your bare refrigerator doors have lying around by creating specialized promotional magnets bearing their name, logo, and contact details. Printed fridge magnets, custom fridge magnets, business magnets, personalized magnets, and other promotional magnet types in general are very advantageous for businesses that make deliveries to homes such as fast food outlets, logistics services, shipment enterprises, courier companies, freight brokerages, and the like.

The secret behind the refrigerator magnet’s promotional prowess roots with the concept of ad exposure — that is the amount of times every day people visit their fridge multiplied by how long does a promotional magnet stay on the fridge. Promotional products are all about ensuring that prospective customers are aware of a business’s range of products and services. There are many categories for different merchandise now, so it’s prudent for companies to spread awareness of their wares through the exposure factor that fridge magnets are good at.

Getting your own Advertising Magnets

This unconventional and subtle way of promoting your company and what it has to offer has proven itself time and time again in the realm of marketing. What’s more, fridge magnet manufacturers are everywhere, so it won’t be hard for businesses big and small to get their own advertising magnets made. If you get a particularly good deal wherein you can get more value for your promotional magnet investment, then feel free to try out New Zealand’s fridge magnet printing services.  NZ fridge magnet printers offer the best packages for printed magnets in the world, so if you want to choose a particularly affordable fridge magnet printer company, then choose one from New Zealand.

With that said, promotional fridge magnets currently come in different designs, shapes, and sizes. There are those that are even peculiarly designed so that you couldn’t help but give your refrigerator a glace every now and again. Your logo image and shape can be applied to your fridge magnet design. What’s more, the custom print, colour, and shape are all customizable as well. Aside from the usual fridge magnets that bear your company’s logo, you also have different kinds of fridge magnets to choose from such as customized promotional fridge magnets, ultra thin fridge magnets, two-dimensional PVC fridge magnets, jumbo acrylic magnets, and standard acrylic magnets.

We supply the highest quality full-color magnets. Promotional magnets from they are a great way to brand your products and services. The will stay on your customers’ refrigerator for years after your competitor’s business cards have been dumped in the annual spring clean. All our Fridge magnets are custom made to your business requirements. Our quality is among the best in NZ with quality raw materials used to ensure the longest life. Using us for your magnets you get a top quality product at low cost. Large quantities. 5 000 and above are our speciality. Give yourself that edge in the market. Put your business on on a fridge magnet as far as promotional advertising, goes refrigerator doors are looked at up to 40 times per day.

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