August 21, 2018

Fridge Magnets

Four Fridge MagnetsFridge magnets, also known as refrigerator magnets, are ornamental items that are usually attached to the refrigerator door’s surface through the use of magnets, hence its name. Moreover, they can also be used as decoration on your bare fridge doors. Aside from the magnets, these ornaments are usually made of plastic, cardboard, or other such materials and can be used to post items such as report cards or shopping lists. They’re also popular as collector items; in fact, they’re gaining a lot of popularity as souvenirs for different countries. At any rate, they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, including but not limited to tiny plastic sculptures of fruits, printed fridge magnets, or die-cut images of specific shapes.

Types of Fridge Magnet

There are also different kinds of fridge magnets available such as promotional magnets, advertising magnets, business magnets, printed magnets, custom fridge magnets, and personalized magnets.  We use the top quality product.  With that said, this list of fridge magnet types indicates that magnets are most popularly used as promotional items. To be true, the fridge magnetic ornament industry is mostly backed by businesses who want to use these common household decorations as a way to advertise their wares or services. As such, it should come to no one’s surprise that fridge magnets are usually used for advertising products for certain brands.

Promotional Use of Fridge Magnets

The main reason why fridge magnets such a popular promotional item roots from the fact that the refrigerator is one of the most visited appliances of your house for obvious reasons (e.g., it stores your food and other perishables). Exposure is a great incentive for companies to start investing on fridge magnet printers, and it works like this. Exposure is basically how long a promotional magnet stays on the fridge multiplied by how many times a day a refrigerator is visited by its owners. For example, if you’re a fast-food chain that delivers your food to different residences, having a fridge magnet advertising your number is advantageous to you because every time people come across their empty fridge, the first thing they’ll notice is your promotional ad magnet with your number plastered on it.

New Zealand Fridge Magnet Printing

As such, if you’re interested in investing on this subtle little marketing tool, New Zealand is particularly world-renowned when it comes to quality printing services. Advertising magnet printing is among NZ’s specialties, and it has fridge magnet printer companies galore over there. Thanks to the Internet, even small businesses can have their own fridge magnets custom-made for their convenience. You can have the shape, colour, and materials used customized to your preference, and your logo image and shape can be directly applied to the magnet in a professional manner.

(Please note our minimum order is 500 units.)