August 21, 2018

Promotional Magnets

The main point of promotional magnets lies with exposure – for the sake of this article, exposure here refers to how many times a day people visit their refrigerator multiplied by how long the promotional magnet stays on the fridge. It’s like an ad or poster in a way, except people tend to not throw away printed fridge magnets so easily.  Click here for magnet prices. More to the point, refrigerator magnets are here to stay as one of the premiere marketing tools in existence next to the calling card because of how ubiquitous the refrigerator has become in today’s society. To be true, nearly every household has a refrigerator as a basic commodity. It’s one of the most used appliances, and it’s the one of the most visible things inside a house to boot.

Naturally, businesses want to make use of that particular “free ad space” through the use of custom fridge magnets, personalized magnets, or business magnets in general. Small business could also join in on the party by availing themselves of affordable fridge magnet printing from New Zealand. NZ fridge magnet printers provide customizable and fully affordable printed magnets of all shapes, colours, and sizes. Ergo, you don’t need to have a huge marketing budget to afford the marketing prowess of these specialized advertising magnets.

An Effective yet Subtle Marketing Tool

Fridge magnets are marketing tools that help businesses show off their products and services in the most unobtrusive way possible—that is, through a decorative fridge magnet bearing their logo, contact numbers, and menu of goods and merchandises. In any case, these fridge magnets don’t only use the same slab of magnetic material they also use other resources as well, which opens the door to various kinds of refrigerator magnet ornaments. These fridge magnet variants include:

• 2D PVC: Uses polymer plastic or a soft type of material that allows for easy moulding to different shapes and figures.

• Standard Acrylic: The toughest fridge magnet type out there because it uses thick and durable materials that can last for a long time.

• Ultra Thin: This is the most cost-effective and lightweight fridge magnet, so it’s best used for short-term promotions and the like.

The fridge magnet industry is a constantly developing field that has grown to prominence thanks to today’s fast-paced life wherein everyone is multitasking different tasks at the same time. As such, advertising fridge magnets have now proved their worth by filling the need of people who want to be constantly reminded of things in order to avoid neglecting anything.

(Please note our minimum order is 500 units .)